Dr Srishti Katiyar WeClinic Homeopathy

Dr. Srishti Katiyar

BHMS (Jaipur)

Dr Srishti Katiyar- Dedicated Orthopaedic Specialist and Compassionate Healthcare Provider

Dr. Srishti Katiyar, a distinguished alumna of Jyoti Vidyapeeth Women's University, brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise in orthopedics, particularly within the arthritis department at We Clinic, backed by a robust educational background. With a total of 1.5 years of experience in her burgeoning career, Dr. Katiyar has quickly established herself as a proficient orthopedic specialist. Throughout her relatively short yet impactful tenure, Dr. Katiyar has demonstrated a hands-on approach and commitment to patient care. Her focus on addressing a spectrum of orthopedic concerns, including Rheumatic Arthritis, Osteoarthritis, Sciatica, Slip Disc, and Joint Pains, underscores her dedication to providing comprehensive and effective treatments.


Observing the widespread suffering within society, particularly among those unable to afford necessary medical treatment, served as a catalyst for Dr. Katiyar's career path. Witnessing such disparities ignited a sense of purpose within her, propelling her towards a profession where she could directly alleviate pain and improve lives. Driven by a compassionate heart and a desire to make a tangible difference, Dr. Katiyar felt a strong pull towards the field of medicine. Recognizing the prevalence of conditions like arthritis, she saw an opportunity to contribute meaningfully to the well-being of individuals grappling with such ailments.


Despite the prevalent influence of engineers within her familial and social circles, Dr. Katiyar remained resolute in her conviction that medicine was her true calling. She drew strength from the support of her family and friends, who encouraged her unwavering pursuit of a profession aligned with her passion for healing. As the sole doctor in her household, Dr. Katiyar embraced the responsibility of being a beacon of health and wellness for her loved ones. This role reinforced her commitment to her chosen path and fueled her determination to extend her healing touch beyond the confines of her home.


Within the arthritis department at We Clinic, Dr. Katiyar's tailored methodologies and integration of cutting-edge innovations showcase her commitment to staying at the forefront of advanced orthopedic treatments. Collaborating seamlessly with fellow healthcare professionals, she ensures a holistic and integrated approach to patient care, creating a conducive environment for effective healing.


In her 1.5 years of professional experience, Dr. Katiyar has actively balanced the demands of her medical career with a commitment to maintaining a healthy work-life balance. Actively pursuing continuous learning, attending conferences, and participating in workshops have been instrumental in her professional growth, contributing to her evolving expertise within the arthritis department.


Dr. Katiyar's journey in the medical field has been marked by encounters with remarkable cases that defy conventional expectations. While tales of miraculous recoveries are often heard, Dr. Katiyar has personally experienced such a phenomenon, particularly in the case of a patient suffering from sciatica. Encountering a patient who was grappling with the debilitating effects of sciatica for the past 7-8 years was both eye-opening and challenging. Traditional medical wisdom might have inclined towards surgical

intervention as the primary solution. However, Dr. Katiyar's belief in the efficacy of homeopathy prompted her to explore alternative avenues for treatment.


Through her expertise and holistic approach, Dr. Katiyar embarked on a journey to alleviate the patient's suffering. With meticulous care and personalized treatment, she witnessed the transformative power of homeopathy firsthand. Not only did the patient experience relief from pain and discomfort, but the treatment also steered them away from the need for surgical intervention. This profound experience reaffirmed Dr. Katiyar's conviction in the potential of homeopathy to offer effective solutions, even in cases where surgery seemed inevitable.


Dr. Katiyar treasures the blessings she receives from her patients as invaluable rewards that reaffirm the impact of her work. Each expression of gratitude serves as a poignant reminder of the difference she makes in the lives of those she cares for. The genuine sense of fulfillment Dr. Katiyar experiences when she sees her patients find relief and healing is immeasurable. Knowing that she has played a role in alleviating their suffering fills her with a profound sense of joy and satisfaction. It is in these moments that she truly understands the significance of her profession and the privilege it is to be able to help others.


The heartfelt thanks and blessings bestowed upon her by patients serve as fuel for Dr. Katiyar's passion and dedication. They motivate her to continue striving for excellence in her practice, always seeking new ways to enhance the quality of care she provides. For Dr. Katiyar, the greatest reward lies not in monetary gain or professional accolades, but in the knowledge that she has made a positive difference in someone's life. The gratitude expressed by her patients reinforces her belief in the healing power of medicine and strengthens her resolve to continue serving with compassion and empathy.


Dr. Srishti Katiyar's patient-centered approach, coupled with her ambitious vision for the advancement of orthopedic care, establishes her as a promising and dedicated leader in the field. Her years of experience at WeClinic serve as a solid foundation upon which she continues to build, eagerly embracing opportunities for growth and innovation. With dedication and a commitment to excellence, Dr. Katiyar is poised to make significant contributions to the future of orthopedics, both at WeClinic and beyond. Her passion for patient well-being and her determination to push the boundaries of orthopedic medicine ensure that her impact will be felt far into the future, inspiring both colleagues and patients alike.